$3,500,000 Verdict for Motorcycle Crash Against City of Newark

The firm secured a jury verdict of $3,500,00.00 against defendant, City of Newark, on behalf of motorcyclist who sustained orthopedic and neurological injuries to his leg after hitting an unmarked pothole.

$2,025,000 Settlement Against UPS for Parking Practices 

The firm secured a settlement against UPS for negligent parking practices.  Plaintiff was driving his car on Mt. Prospect Avenue in Newark, New Jersey when another vehicle went around a double-parked UPS truck, causing a head-on collision. Plaintiff suffered a lumbar injury requiring discectomy and a traumatic brain injury with cognitive impairment. The suit alleged that UPS has a policy of encouraging their drivers to illegally double-park in order to speed up their deliveries. Plaintiffs alleged UPS’ practice of paying drivers’ double-parking tickets sent the message that the price and danger of double-parking is just the cost of doing business.

$1,667,000 Settlement for Motor Vehicle Collision

Plaintiff was stopped in traffic when a state of New Jersey motor vehicle struck Plaintiff’s vehicle from behind. Plaintiff had prior neck and back injuries which were aggravated in this accident. Plaintiff’s injuries were worsened and as a result, Plaintiff needed a surgery for her neck and back. Defendant stated these preexisting injuries were not aggravated and that the impact was not sufficient to aggravate Plaintiff’s preexisting injuries. This case settled prior to jury selection for $1,667,000.


$1,000,000 Settlement for Medical Malpractice

Plaintiff, an 80 year old man, developed cauda equina syndrome after undergoing lumbar fusion surgery. The condition is marked by extreme pressure on the nerves at the end of the spinal cord and is considered a surgical emergency.  The doctor’s failure to timely diagnose the cauda equina syndrome resulted in left foot drop.

$975,000 Settlement to Woman for Sidewalk Fall

An Edison woman who fell and fractured her ankle outside her place of employment awarded $975,000 She was injured when she e fell on a sidewalk outside of a building.  She slipped and fell because the sidewalk was in disrepair. The ankle had to be repaired by surgery. A plate and several screws were implanted into the ankle.


$805,000 Settlement for Defective Street Condition

A Newark man was awarded $805,000 after the car he was a passenger in drove over an imperfection in the street causing the vehicle to lose control and crash.  The police report incorrectly identified the Newark man as the driver of the vehicle and other attorneys had turned down the case due to the mistake in the police report.


$630,000.00 Settlement for Middlesex County Woman Injured in Crash


While sitting in bumper to bumper traffic after the exit 9 toll plaza on the turnpike, a tractor-trailer driver making an unsafe lane change struck the rear of a Middlesex County woman’s car as they were merging onto the traffic ramp heading towards route 18.Despite admitting as much to the officer at the scene, the driver tried to blame our client, but could not explain what he thought she did wrong. The woman had arthroscopic hip surgery and neck pain.

$500,000 for Client in Severe Motorcycle Crash


A husband and wife were badly injured when a fellow motorist failed to yield at a stop sign causing our client to crash into her.The man suffered a grave injury to his ankle, an open fracture requiring surgery and installation of plates and screws. The woman had scarring on her leg.Th family received a settlement of $500,000.00, representing the limits of available insurance coverage.

$500,000 Settlement for Motor Vehicle Crash


Husband and wife were rear ended while turning into their driveway.  The wife sustained neck and back injuries and required surgery.  The husband required a shoulder surgery.



$500,000 Settlement for Motor Vehicle Crash


A Newark woman was awarded $500,000 after she was rear ended by a Naval Cadet who fell asleep while in traffic.  The Naval Cadet had “dozed off” moments before the crash but thought he could stay awake and make it to Maryland.  The crash occurred on the New Jersey Turnpike.  He continued to drive but fell asleep and crashed into the rear of plaintiff’s car.



$495,000.00 Settlement for Man Brutally Beaten in Convenience Store Lot


The Maglione Firm developed substantial evidence that a convenience store located in a notoriously high-crime area breached its duty to its customers by failing to provide adequate security. The negligent security at the convenience store left its customers vulnerable to opportunistic criminals. The Maglione Firm secure a $495,000.00 settlement for a man who was brutally beaten while a customer on the convenience store’s premises in broad daylight.

$425,000 Settlement for Employment Discrimination


The Firm on behalf of the plaintiff agreed to a settlement of $425,000 with Defendants Plaintiff was the victim of age discrimination by his employer in New Jersey.  Discrimination can not be tolerated in this day and age, no matter what form it takes, no matter against whom it is designed to hurt.



$412,500 Settlement for Motor Vehicle Crash


A Fords man was awarded $412,500 after he was struck by a vehicle that ran a red light.  The driver of the other vehicle failed to pay attention as he entered the intersection.  The Fords man was required to undergo lower back surgery.



$385,000 to a Woman for a Driveway Fall


A Newark woman who fell and fractured her ankle outside her place of residence was awarded $385,000.  She was injured when she fell in her driveway outside of her residence.  She slipped and fell because the landlord failed to properly remove ice and snow.  The ankle had to be repaired by surgery.


$375,000 for Client in Severe Motorcycle Crash


A man was badly injured when a fellow motorcyclist lost control of his bike and crashed into our client. The man suffered a grave injury to his ankle, an open fracture requiring surgery and installation of plates and screws. The man received a settlement of $375,000.00, representing the limits of available insurance coverage.

$338,000 Judgement for Breach of Contract Case


A Newark man was awarded $338,000 against a construction contractor who had failed to complete the construction of the man’s home.  The Newark man had to have another contractor come in and finish the job. 

$301,000.00 Verdict Against Car Wash for Negligent Security


The firm secured a $301,000.00 jury verdict against a Jersey City car wash for failing to provide adequate security. While the client’s car was being washed, a thief jumped into the car and drove away, striking and injuring the client who attempted to stop him. The client had a prior lumbar fusion surgery that was aggravated and exacerbated as a result.



$300,000.00 Settlement Against an Apartment Complex for Negligent Security

The client was visiting his aunt in an apartment complex in Newark and was shot by drug dealers who had overrun the complex. The apartment complex had a video surveillance system that was not working at the time. Had the apartment complex followed the simple safety rule to have adequate surveillance, the man would not have been injured.


$265,000.00 Settlement Against a Bar for Negligent Security


The client was out celebrating his engagement at the bar. When he was leaving, a drunk patron assaulted him, loosening his two front teeth. The assault happened in the parking lot as the bouncer sat inside and watched. We held the bar accountable for not having their bouncers intervened when they knew the assault was occurring.

$264,354.00 Judgment for Breach of Contract Case


A Monmouth County man was awarded a judgment for $264,354.00 against a former colleague who had failed to comply with the terms of a contract they had entered into.


$245,000.00 Settlement Against an Asphalt Company for Negligent Maintenance of Construction Equipment


The client was operating a hot tar kettle when the spigot broke, pouring hot tar on his hand and arm, causing burns. The firm held the asphalt company accountable for failing to properly inspect, maintain, and repair the equipment. Had a proper inspection been done, the faulty spigot would have been discovered and the injury avoided. The asphalt company chose to violate the simple safety rule that requires them to inspect and maintain their equipment.

$250,000.00 Settlement for Man Struck by Drunk Driver


Plaintiff was driving his Tractor Trailer when he was rear-ended by an intoxicated driver. Our client suffered serious injuries to his neck and back and underwent a bi-level cervical fusion. The man received a $250,000.00 settlement, representing the limits of available insurance coverage.  The firm is presently suing his insurance broker for failing to have procured a $1,000,000.00 underinsured motorist policy which would have enabled to recover more. 

$235,000.00 Settlement for a Motor Vehicle Crash

The client was being tailgated by a driver during a road-rage incident. The client tried to speed away from the enraged driver and lost control of her vehicle while trying to flee. The client suffered multiple broken bones and the firm held the enraged driver accountable.